Friday, February 24, 2017

Farewell Class

You've heard of quilting bees of years gone by, groups of women who gather together to work on a common project, all the while creating friendships, bonds that carry through the tough and awesome times in life. Each quilt holding stories and memories in each scrap of fabric, holding immense pleasure for the one who's keepsake it will become.
Scrapbooking has often been referred to as the quilting bee of the new millenium... women still gathering together to work on projects, near and dear to them - their memories. Each telling their story, through scraps of paper, embellishments and glue - GLUE that holds their memories in one special album, or card.

Our family is moving out of the community we've lived in for most of our lives. Last night I held a 'farewell class' to share more memories, strengthening the bonds, creating new friendships and more. I've sent the past weeks packing up our belonging, purging and sorting through my papercrafting and beginning to mourn my workshop space (which I'll still have in our new home, just not as much lol)
Last night I realized though it isn't the workshop space I'll miss - but the people who've filled it with their stories, laughed with me and at me, learned from me, taught me and gifted me with friendships that miles between won't break. I will miss the people who made this space come alive, share my passion for papercrafting and speak my language - they are my 'tribe' 

Thank you friends for reminding me why I love this thing called scrapbooking and card making - because it brings women (and sometimes men too lol) together. We put aside the business of having busy lives and hold each other up with friendship through a common joy.

I won't forget the laughter and stories you've shared with me, from my heart to yours, thank you. 

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